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Markbuenos79@hotmail.com6502832991Email meOutdoor SoccerSan FranciscoThursday evening (7pm or later)Intermediate (~Div 3)11/07/2019Male playersTenderloins
Emilyelubahn@gmail.com8025788198Email meOutdoor SoccerSan FranciscoMonday evening (7pm or later)Upper Intermediate (mix of Div 2 and up)11/04/2019BothSomething FC
We are looking for more players for our team!! We're good sports, here to have fun in the Upper Intermediate COED Mondays League!!!
Navneetnavneet10@gmail.com8064703121Email meOutdoor SoccerSan FranciscoWednesday evening (7pm or later)Lower Intermediate (~Div 4)11/06/2019Goalie (M or F)Pimp my 7-a-side
Looking for a goalie for the mens 7 a side on Wednesdays. If interested, reach out to me.
Bridgetbridgetkeeler@gmail.com6095604511Email me
Text me
Outdoor SoccerSan FranciscoMonday evening (7pm or later)Lower Intermediate (~Div 4)09/16/2019Goalie (M or F)Rebates FC
Monday night co-ed lower intermediate looking for a M/F goalie ASAP! Our goalie got injured, and is out indefinitely. Please email or text me if interested.

Neilsneillarsen@gmail.comemail bestEmail meOutdoor SoccerSan FranciscoMonday evening (7pm or later)Intermediate (~Div 3)09/30/2019Male playersPixies
We play in the Monday mens intermediate 7v7 at Crocker-Amazon, and are looking to recruit another 1-2 players. Email me if you are interested.
Pls send an email to if you find any of the above postings outdated. Thank you and good luck!