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Outdoor SoccerSan FranciscoMonday evening (7pm or later)Recreational (mix of rec to upper int with more in rec range)03/02/2020Female playersFormerly Known As
We're looking for at least 1 additional woman for our Monday rec/lower-intermediate co-ed team! We're pretty laid back, and enjoy a good passing game and going out for food/beer afterwards. Games are at Crocker Amazon, shoot me a text or email if interested!
Mikewinnmike@yahoo.com7034081239Email meOutdoor SoccerSan FranciscoMonday evening (7pm or later)OPEN (wide mix of rec to competitive)03/02/2020Male playersFC 3300
We're looking for men 35 or over to join our Monday evening 35+ team. We'll be playing at the Beach Chalet fields.
Mikemikekirner@gmail.com4152995873Text meOutdoor SoccerSan FranciscoThursday evening (7pm or later)Recreational (mix of rec to upper int with more in rec range)01/23/2020Female playersNKF Power Brokers
The Newmark Knight Frank NKF Power Brokers are sponsored by one of the world's biggest Commercial Real Estate Brands. We finished our first season in 2nd place and scored 30 goals, which was 10 more than the first place team. We need some help in defense and midfield and are looking for 3 of 4 dependable women players. Ideally, you have played in high school and are used to competitive soccer. ! We have goal keeping and shooting practise once per week at Beach Chalet fields.. Contact Mike Kirner, NKF coach. Free beer at Beach Chalet restaurant after the games and practise!
Pls send an email to if you find any of the above postings outdated. Thank you and good luck!